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Enjoy browsing through a selection of images to give you a view of the work we have carried out in the past. Even if you are not planning a completely new library but just a refresh, we can help you in many ways. New signage, shelving or soft seating can give your library a much needed update. Please visit our Case Study section for more information on our past projects.

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Bespoke Library
Children's library seating
Themed library area
Library signage
Library break out area
Library seating
Library seating
Library seating
Mirage library shelving
Bespoke Boat
Library boat
Library feature wall
OPAC stand
Reading Hideway
Reflection shelving with cladding & lighting
Bespoke Hideway
Latitude Shelving
Calypso Shelving
Library Counter
Reflection Shelving
Soft Seating
Ratio Shelving
Soft Seating
Bespoke Shelving
Bookworm Browser
Reading Hideaway
Bespoke Shelving & Furniture
Ashington Library
Ashington Library
Nautical StoryWall
Tree Feature
Themed Library
Themed Library
Oasis Study Booth
Oasis Study Booth
Themed Library
Woodland StoryWall
Double Sided StoryWall


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