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Meet the latest additions to our FG Library design department!

At FG Library & Learning we are constantly adapting to new trends and the ever-changing needs of our clients. We understand that our clients want beautiful products that are also practical, and we listen to their vision.

Our Design Department are then given the daunting task of designing not only bespoke products, but complete spaces! Everything from custom carpets to acoustic ceiling panels could be included to create the space to fit your needs. We asked our two newest Designers, Caroline and Toby, a series of questions to get a sense of their passion and to understand what helps to make FG Library & Learning's solutions so outstanding.

Please explain your role within FG Library and tell us about a recent project that you’ve enjoyed working on?

Toby: My job role includes space planning for educational spaces, specifying products/colour schemes and designing bespoke furniture as a resolution where required; to enable me to meet the design brief. 

I have been recently working on MK College. This particular project was made up of a series of spaces: a library space, virtual workshop, and online learning. The spaces were populated by some of our latest products, such as the Dimension acoustic phone booths for individual study as well as curved A2B benching to offer shape and delineate the space whilst also being aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Caroline: I design and create innovative library and classroom spaces – making libraries more functional and attractive than ever. Using a mixture of library shelving, furniture, study spaces, IT spaces and usually a "wow" centrepiece. I create spaces which are inviting and attractive, this creates a desire in children and adults to want to learn, read, study and explore. 

I recently designed a job where the librarian had no idea what they wanted but wanted the ‘wow’ factor that excites and invites everyone in. It was a difficult task but we are always ready to take on new challenges!

What’s your favourite thing to design?

Toby: I enjoy designing bespoke solutions in spaces because quite often it gives me the creative license to explore different techniques and finishes.

Caroline: Designing anything bespoke is always fun; using your imagination to deliver what the client wants to achieve. I love designing something that they hadn't considered but completely surpasses their expectations.

What’s your favourite thing about working as part of FG Library & Learning?

Toby: I enjoy the pressure and fast turnaround from enquiry to delivery and installation. I take great pleasure arriving at work not knowing what project I’ll be working on from one day to the next. 

Caroline: It’s a family run business who are dedicated to achieving the best results, not only with their products but also in the workplace.

What’s your biggest design inspiration and how are you able to constantly think up new and fresh ideas?

Toby: I often keep up-to-date with latest market trends, but in all honesty I try not to let them influence me that much because I believe is mystifies my own originality and creative stamp.

Caroline: My biggest design inspiration is the environment and the spaces in which we surround ourselves. If you use your surroundings and the things you see every day you can create some spectacular pieces from the ordinary that inspire and motivate people to learn.

What is your favourite FG Library product?

Toby: I like the Library Counters. They're compact, employ a range of materials, and some models take approx. 20 days from ordering the product to it being delivered and installed. That is a great selling point!

CarolineAcoustic panels are my favourite as they are ideal for all spaces. They are both an aesthetically pleasing product as well as an extremely practical one, so design and functionality at it’s best. They are available in a variety of shapes and even if it’s just a few or a wall full, they dramatically reduce echo and improve any space for the customers or staff. These are a great addition to any workspace, university or library and their individual, bold and attractive style is just a bonus!

To see more of our designers’ amazing work, take a look at our Case Studies and our Inspiration Gallery. Our Team also offer a FREE Six Step Design Service to help you on your way to your perfect solution!

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