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Carlton Primary School

'We now have an amazing learning space in which is commented on by every visitor to our school, we would not hesitate in recommending FG Library and Learning' - David Coe, Head Teacher

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Set in the heart of the village, Carlton Primary School is a very special place to learn where each and every one of the children feel proud to belong. The school prides itself on creating a rich atmosphere full of creative learning and respectful relationships between the staff and the children. A few months ago, the staff recognised that the Library space was beginning to look worn and tired, and really wanted to inject a breath of fresh air into the space to inspire reading for the pupils.

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After weeks of working closely with our talented design team they finally decided on our StoryWall system with a hideaway, Junior Librarian position, Nexus curve and Calypso shelving. We incorporated the school mural as a graphic above the StoryWall and displayed the school’s key words as simple but effective vinyl graphics on the wall, these were complimented by the superb in house decorating. The bespoke tree was meticulously designed and installed, and adds the wow factor. The carpet is also a great feature, incorporating a tree trunk walkway and gives an extra sprinkling of magic to the two rooms. We created a magical woodland theme for the library at Carlton Primary School.

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