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Cwm Glas Primary School

FG Library & Learning was commissioned to install the shelving and furniture to a layout carefully designed to make optimum use of this sizeable space, incorporating all the features required of the area in a colourful, unified and engaging way, but without sacrificing modern design sensibilities or the necessary Wow factor.

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Cwm Glas is a lively, busy and exciting Primary school in Swansea which seeks to encourage all its pupils to achieve personal excellence, reach their full potential and make a positive contribution to the school and the wider community.

Central to this vision was the conversion of a large first floor hall into a new flexible, multi-functional space which is part library, part LRC and part social space yet still a coherent whole, capable of accommodating 60+ pupils at a time, where children can work either individually or collaboratively, interacting with smart media in dedicated zones, studying at tables or simply engaging with booksin a relaxed manner on soft seating.

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Books are stored and displayed using a combination of Landscape shelving, StoryWall, Bookworm kinderbox/ seating system and Landscape Curve shelving, some bays of the latter with integral upholstered seating. The StoryWall adds real visual impact, combining book storage and display, media spaces, reading hideaways and high-level storage for materials and resources in a striking setting.

A modular, flexible and colourful soft seating area has been provided from the Jigsaw range, with three seats heights able to be configured in hundreds of different combinations. The colours for these were replicated for the upholstered stools that surround the round, disc-based tables, whilst the white table tops link with the shelving and StoryWall to pull the whole scheme together.

This newly decorated and furnished space is so different from its previous use as a hall – a rather overlooked and unfocused area now vibrant, thriving and loved by the pupils who are thrilled with this new facility.

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