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Barrow Library

'The refurbishment has brought our beautiful building to life – it is now a warm and inviting place to visit and to work. People say ‘wow’ when they walk in, we love it!' Ruth Prosser, Senior Librarian, Barrow Library

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In the design FG Library wanted to make sure that cosy private spaces for casual reading and private study where added. The shelving layout was designed to provide good sightlines whilst retaining a browsing, discovery experience. The design was to compliment the differing areas and subtly indicate where you are within the space at any one time. Staff members needed to be clearly seen and there to be on hand for those who require help or even research aid. The interior scheme was to lift the whole space being sympathetic to the building and its distinctive featuressuch as the detailed coving whilst providing a rich and warm environment.

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The work by FG Library included designing the library, applying Latitude shelving systems, counters, pods and all the furniture and signage. All the decorating, electrics and new lighting, as well as the floor coverings were taken care of. The timber perimeter shelving is listed which needed restoring. FG Library also provided a service of taking all the books off the old shelving and storing them in sequence, and at the end of the project the books were placed back onto the new shelving in the same sequence.

The result was a stunning looking refurbishment that gave Barrow Central Library the opportunity to deliver a quality library service that is fit for the future.

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