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Chelmsford Library

'Our in-house team created a state-of-the-art space within the library, that will support learning, literacy, health and wellbeing.'

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FG Library & Learning were commissioned to work on Chelmsford Library’s new children’s space and family hub, and put it at the heart of the city’s family support services. It was to become a one-stop shop, bringing families together with library staff, family hub health and childcare workers, as well as staff from other support agencies, to deliver a full range of services.

FG Library & Learning were briefed to create an innovative design that would underpin the team’s goals: to celebrate reading; inspire and engage young children; encourage learning and digital literacy, and enhance wellbeing, to help local families live healthier, happier lives. 

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A bespoke help desk, tiered story stage and large sensory space with calming bubble tubes and fibre optics were designed and built. Bespoke shelving with cubbyhole hideaways and a tactile sensory StoryWall have made the space truly engaging for small children with plenty of comfy seating for a parent and child to share a book. The teen area includes a very popular, large social workspace with integrated charging for BYO devices, along with a quieter study booth, perfect for group working. Attractive Elements display units are used to cross promote books across all the zones, while the contemporary seating, and bright, fresh and autism-friendly colours make this a modern, attractive environment, perfect for all ages.

The library and local council are delighted with the overall result, as well as the parents, carers and children who use it.

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