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Dorking Library

'It was important that each zone was defined and that the split levels did not affect the overall visitor perception or experience. Each section needed to flow easily into the next and consideration needed to be given to the split level space.'

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Moving a popular public library from an old existing building to new premises. The library was relocated to a precinct area to occupy what was formerly three separate retail units.

The location, accommodation and budget meant that the design needed to be fresh and inviting whilst incorporating the client’s branding. The retail position meant that bookshop and library styling needed to combine to broaden the appeal from the pavement.

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External signage ties in with the bright airy feel of the interior. The all-wood effect shelving was fitted with lit panels to accentuate specific areas whilst attracting attention to book stock. Contemporary colour schemes were applied to draw attention from various perspectives.

Shelving was positioned to define areas, with each area being given design treatment to suit designated space. Bespoke furniture was installed around existing fixtures.

The bright feature wall in the children’s area is complemented with dynamic lighting, brightly coloured furniture and bespoke kinder boxes. 

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