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Secondary Schools & Colleges Library and Learning Spaces

Creating a stimulating and vibrant library space is key to helping young people develop the learning strategies they need to become independent and lifelong learners.

Both reading for pleasure and study need to be nurtured and getting your library design right is hugely important for the functionality of your library and the enthusiasm of your library users.

We recognise that every school & college library design will be different and are able to offer a wide variety of solutions for creating the best possible space for your needs.


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Case studies

an image for Henrietta Barnett School, London

Henrietta Barnett School, London

'The end result is a stunning blend of contemporary and traditional sensibilities that perfectly reflects the objectives set out at the beginning of the project: a library with all the features required to deliver a modern service, yet always respectful of the historical context, architectural features, educational ethos and traditions of the school.'

an image for Lincoln College, Lincoln

Lincoln College, Lincoln

'Alongside the programme of construction work to expand the site, the college wanted to take the opportunity to bring all Student Services together in one space, providing students with modern learning facilities and resources that were logically organised and easy to find, as well as creating an environment with maximum natural light and a fresh feel.'

an image for The College, North Road Campus

The College, North Road Campus

'Buzzing hub of learning activity that is enjoyed by staff and students alike'

an image for The College, Lansdowne Campus

The College, Lansdowne Campus

‘The Library has been used as an opportunity to showcase the modern approach of the college whilst remembering the educational heritage of the architecture’

an image for Bristol College

Bristol College

'FG created a design concept which was in tune with our needs, suggesting the appropriate furniture and a colour scheme to add vibrancy. FG Library worked within the budget and the new LRC looks very smart and colourful, with a welcoming feel. The service we received from FG Library was outstanding. I would definitely recommend FG Library to others planning a refurbishment.'

Sue Caporn, Learning Resources Service Manager, City of Bristol College

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